Claims and Accidents
  • What do I do in case of an accident or if damage has incurred to the rental vehicle?
    • First, contact the police (911) and report any injuries immediately.
    • Make sure to complete the Accident/Incident Report (located in the binder of your rental vehicle) when your rental vehicle has been involved in an accident or has incurred damage. Please make sure to include the information of anyone who witnessed the accident and/or may have been involved in the accident (names, contact information, vehicle, and insurance information).
    • Contact REV Assist (Roadside Assistance) at 888-213-8547. If you secured your reservation through Outdoorsy.com, you will need to submit a claim for the damage to the rental vehicle.
    • The renter is responsible for any and all loss of or damage to the rental vehicle resulting from any cause, including but not limited to: collision, rollover, theft, fire damage and vandalism, medical condition, flood, fire, hail, or other acts of Nature.
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